Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the observations, musings and occasional rantings from me, Annie Deadman. I like to think that we’ve worked you hard this week. Dead hard. But that rewards are not too far away, provided you’ve earned them.

So, purely in the interests of research, I have a glass of Champagne on the go. You see, I’m test-driving it – just to make sure that it lives up to ‘treat’ status. And a perfect treat it would make too, to end a week of protein shakes, quinoa salads, slow cooked high protein casseroles, sweaty workouts at bootcamp, even sweatier workouts at Circuits, weights that made your thighs burn, squat thrusts that made it to 9 not 10, umpteen litres of water and now you’re looking for something a bit off piste.  You know…allowed.  But not allowed.

Well,  this is one of those dinky half bottles of Lidl Champagne. Yes, Lidl. Flagged up in The Times, the other week so I couldn’t resist.

Not the whole thing, obv. Daughter and boyfriend muscled in. Get some in for those weak ‘what shall we have as an aperitif’ moments or buy, behold and stroke each day until you’ve won all your workout points and you can finally imbibe.

£5.99 for half a bottle.

Whilst you’re there, shimmy down the nuts aisle. Bags of almonds, pecans and walnuts are so cheap and they win smug points over the person at the next door desk who’s munching Pringles as her mid afternoon snack.

Starting to yawn now. Am up at 5am for bootcamp, better head up the wooden hill.


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