Pilates Classes

Pilates in Hampton Hill – for a stronger, more efficient body

These classes will challenge you to work safely but hard, so that you are strong with good posture, better balance and a body that works efficiently.

Now booking for the term beginning Monday 1 November 2020.

What Is Your Level?



If you’re brand new to Pilates please enquire about our beginner courses which are held a few times. Visit the Class Info below.


Intermediates / Advanced

If you’re interested in joining, visit the class info page for times and costs. Or email Annie to check whether this class is right for you.
“If you want to dose on a mat and do a bit of stretching, then this isn’t for you. Amidst the laughs and light-heartedness, Annie has a deep seated desire for you to work hard and achieve results.”
KH, Teddington

“You will not only feel the difference but you will notice it too. My bottom changed shape, became firmer and more uplifted… so much so that I may have ‘Annie Deadman’ tattooed on it.”
SA, Hampton

Annie Deadman Training

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