Local Group Fitness Classes

In Hampton & Hampton Hill

Utterly addictive group fitness sessions to encourage challenge and change. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’re very welcome. No joining fee. No direct debit. 4 weeks minimum sign-up.

Fitcamp Classes


Strength and cardio work to develop strength and fitness using dumbbells and body weight.

Circuit Classes


These sessions come in a variety of designs, using different equipment. They cover both strength and cardio.

HIIT Classes


This is a popular class with huge variety. Despite the name, low impact options are always offered.

Strong Classes


A no-cardio class focusing on technique and gains in both strength and tone.


An exhilarating mix of fitness drills and punches. No experience required, just come 10 mins early for your first session.

How Does It Work?


1. Try

Either jump straight in or book an optional free taster session of any type. Check out timetable and costs on the Class Info page.

2. Join

Contact the office once you’ve decided and we’ll get you started.

3. Flourish

The instructors soon get to know you and will enjoy helping you develop your confidence, strength, fitness and body awareness.

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