….and feel oh so smug.

Ok, ok, they look like anaemic meatballs but they are very moreish and very filling. They’re packed with protein, good fats and are delicious with a large decaf or as an end of the day treat when the rest of the family is cuddling the Quality Street.

Irritatingly the recipe is in cups, so grab a mug and follow the following recipe:

1 cup cashews, 2 tbsps protein powder (I used pea protein powder), 1/4 cup coconut, 1 dessertsp chia seeds, 10-12 pitted dates.

Whizz the whole lot up in the food processor (I don’t think a blender would work) and add a bit of water if it won’t mix. Make sure it’s all mixed up and then roll it into balls. They freeze well too so you could package them up in 2’s for a pre or post-workout snack. Or you could hand the whole lot round at once whilst the family is front of episode 4, disc 2, series 3 of whatever they got in their stocking and say you’ve banned revolting sugary sweets from the house this year… you know the ones… that leave a disgusting furry layer on your teeth and which don’t actually taste of chocolate, just some processed muck that messes with your brain.

And on that cheerful note, I shall disappear to write another of our Christmas workouts and decks the halls with boughs of something prickly. More blogging later today.

Annie x

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