…that’s what one client said to me. “To make them interesting, you have to smother them in cream and fat”. (Hmmmm, and she wonders why the tape measure isn’t budging). So I gave her this to make.

I know, I know… looks DISGUSTING. But actually it tastes good. Warming and hearty. Bung any veg, which are in danger of being forgotten, into a slow cooker. I put chopped in courgettes, aubergines, onion, smoked garlic (dontcha know… only out of a jar), celery, carrots, two leeks plus a tin of tomatoes and about 4oz of dried split peas to give it some added protein.

Imagine a bowl of this as a snack or a dollop on your plate next to your steak / chicken / venison burger / roasted cod… whatever your protein of the day is…? Delicious. Smug factor defo 10.

Oh, and a sprig of coriander on the top looks like you actually looked at a recipe book.

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