…In more ways than one. Right, I’ll be brief. You’re busy.

Do you recognise these symptoms?

  • You feel a bit sort of… soft… everywhere?
  • You’re desperate to get shot of all the carby, sugary temptations in the house and you feel you can’t focus on anything.
  • Your clothes feel a tiny bit snug.
  • Your normal training regime has been totally shot to pieces and you’re cross.

Don’t panic. Follow these easy tips from now until New Year. I’m not saying it won’t take a bit of effort, but you have a few days to ease the pain of arriving in January feeling cross with yourself.

  1. Fast. Eat nothing from 8pm previous evening until lunchtime. Then have a light lunch with no carbs and in the evening a good meal with protein and either a) starchy carbs (rice, potato, sweet potato, your favourite bread) OR b) a glass of wine. Do that once every three days or every other day until New Year if you are brave.
  2. If that doesn’t appeal, then eat no starchy carbohydrates for 3 days, only protein, vegetables and a few low carb fruits (such as berries, apples). Eat nuts and minimum dairy and if you have to imbibe, then only gin or vodka with soda or fresh lime. Boring? Possibly. Does it work? Yes. You’ll feel flatter and your glycogen (stored carbs from the Christmas dinner of two days ago lurking in your muscles and liver) will have been used up.
  3. Keep active too. Don’t go into slob mode, just because it’s Christmas and you happen to be spending it with people who are not exercise freaks like you.

None of it is rocket science. None of it is hard. Just stay away from sugar (or do sprintervals round the park to use it up). Do your best, I know it’s hard.

More tomorrow.

Annie  x

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