For the past 3 months or so, my middle finger (just on one hand) has been really stiff in the mornings and almost stuck in the bent position. Bit perturbing to say the least. However, I’m on the road to research and I shall share my findings when I bump into something big and exciting.

The first effort at reducing what I think is the start of arthritis is Montmorency Cherries. They apparently have fantastic powers to reduce stiffness in all joints. I put ‘cher’ into Google, (Cheryl Cole was top of the list… what was she wearing last night??), and I soon found loads of rave reviews. 120 capsules have been ordered (2 a day for at least 3 months to start off with) and we shall see.

Changes to my diet may have to follow. Pleeease don’t tell me I have to give up my beloved Total yogurt. From quick research it seems dairy is a big no-no.

Will keep you posted. Annie x

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