Oh heavens… she’s not going to write about cabbage now, is she? I might. Free country.

Well, it better be worth hearing. I’m busy sifting through my emails and there’s a juicy one about money off Boden jumpers, so make it snappy. I’m listening…

OK, here we go. It’s short but hits the spot.

On your way home tonight, nip into the local food store and grab a couple of broccoli thingys and a bag of kale. If you can get over the strong tasting green-ness and inhale the list of holier-than-thou benefits below, then roast potatoes will soon be a poor relative:

  • Spinach, broccoli, kale and even sad old lettuce contain a chemical called NITRATE. Whilst sounding like something you put in a test-tube during first year chemistry lessons, it has massive, and I mean massive, benefits for your body.
  • Three studies (independent of each other) have found that they can thin the blood. Which means efficient delivery of oxygen around the body, cutting the risk of clots, strokes and heart attacks
    (Which I’ll get if I eat too many of these tortilla chips?) 
    Correct. And those beers…
  • This NITRATE can set the fat-burning wheels in motion because… (oooh, I’m really listening now)… it gets a chain reaction going that widens blood vessels and converts nasty white fat cells into healthy brown, fat munching ones. Which fight obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • But vegetables… can I sell them to the kids? It’s not like a family bucket of KFC, is it?
    OK, then what about garlicky kale tossed in coconut oil mixed in with their spag bol sauce? Or, roasted broccoli with caraway seeds and flaked almonds. Or shredded rocket and iceberg with mayo and turkey in a wrap. Or whizzed up in a smoothie with pear and celery? Get over yourself. This is serious stuff. The best ones are below and they’re all in the local supermarket… just round the corner from KFC. Big up the nitrates, I say.

    • Pak Choi
    • Spinach
    • Kale
    • Cabbage
    • Iceberg and rocket
    • Watercress (what about soup?!)
    • Broccoli

Now you can check our your Boden jumpers. Although I quite fancy the Highgate dress myself…

Annie x

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