Enough to drive you mad, I imagine.

Every PT, fitness instructor and weight-loss provider in the land is thinking up new ways of promoting their way of training, their way of eating, their way of dealing with calories, points, how you should ‘train like a nutter for 15 mins then have a nice sit-down’, or should you do a long, slow, achievable jog which doesn’t hurt but which makes you feel like you’ve done something. Which is it? And what about fats and carbs? Which puts on weight? Do either of them?

And you may very possibly regard this email as just another marketing ploy. But I’ll risk it. My mission is that everyone manages their own food and their own exercise regime within the time limits available to them so that they are happy with their own body. And healthy. No-one else. Just them.


This coming Sunday 4 January 2015 from 9am to 10am, I will be running an hour long session free of charge. From 9-9.30am will be a sample fitness session and then at 9.30am you can sit on a mat and ask me questions about weight loss. You can even dodge the workout bit if you like and just arrive at 9.30am for the ‘getting down and dirty with the fat facts’ bit.

  • It will be in the Scout Hut at the back of Holly Road recreation ground, Hampton Hill.
  • If you intend to come for the sample workout, please wear appropriate clothing and trainers.
  • If you fancy the weight loss chat bit at the end, then you may come in your slippers.
  • Either way it is FREE, but you must book. Just send me an email asking for however many places and indicate whether you are staying for the whole hour or just part of it.

There will be absolutely no ear bending or arm twisting. I would like you to find out the right way to eat to lose the fat bits you don’t like. Effortlessly.

Email me for a place. Have a very happy new year.

Annie x

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