Yes. As long as you never say the word ‘diet’. Ergh, I can hardly bring myself to type it.

What does ‘diet’ say? It says denial, discipline, hunger. A drip-drip-drip of measured treats, calories, points that are never fulfilling, never enough to get you through the day.

So, back to my point.  And my point is this… IF YOU LOATHE, DESPITE AND ABHOR EXERCISE, THEN AT LEAST GET ON WITH EATING PROPERLY FOR A HEALTHIER YOU, AS WELL AS A SLIMMER YOU…!  SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS IS 75% ABOUT THE EATING BIT AND 25% ABOUT THE EXERCISE. (And yes, the exercise bit gets you toned, firm, strong, with a bottom and thighs that don’t wobble anymore and muscles that show, never mind the numerous health benefits… but if you focus on the food bit, then you can worry about all that firming business later on).

Sorry, I was shouting a bit then. Got carried away.

During my days as a trainer and weight-loss programme leader I watch a lot of faces. A lot of sweaty and agonised faces with expressions of suffering… soon to be followed by expressions of joy and elation knowing that the hour’s workout is over and that their calorie bank is in credit. They are a few steps nearer their body or fitness goals and another box can be ticked. Pats on the back all around.

But that’s not the same with everyone is it? For those with 10kg upwards to lose, joining a local bootcamp in their quest for the weight-loss grail, can often be a monumentally daunting task. And there is possibly no feel-good happiness afterwards. Some well-known weekly weigh-in programmes offer a helping hand with diet sheets, ‘free foods’ (of which fruit is one) and ‘diet’ products branded as ‘low-fat’ but which often contain a high proportion of sugar. (Sugar… encourages insulin… encourages fat into fat cells… never to escape again… unless set free by a calming, soothing way of eating involving fresh (don’t read that as ‘expensive’), natural ingredients.

So, lovely readers, do you know anyone like this?

  • Has battled with fat loss for a long time
  • Hates and despises exercise. (Walking the dog is up there with ironing)
  • Eats for reasons other than hunger (and I’m not talking one extra wedge of Toblerone because “I’m really fed-up”)
  • Has a cupboard full of foods marked ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’.
  • Has counted either points, calories or sins for what seems like a lifetime

Because if you do, I would love to hear from them. Waistline Wednesdays is our new educating and fat loss programme and it starts on Wednesday 12 November 2014. There’s a page in the making for the website, but in the meantime if you want to release your inner (and slimmer) self, then get in touch!

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