The Blast Plan

Your 21 day fat-loss adventure starts here…

The next Blast Plans start on Saturday 18 January 2020








The Blast Plan will revolutionise the way you eat and the way you exercise so you will be in control of your new shape (and your eating habits) forever. You can do the 21 Day Blast Plan in-person by attending our group fitness sessions and following the Blast eating plan.

Day 5: I feel very pleased with myself. Sticking to eating plans has defeated me for a long time. Usually by the end of day 2, I have thrown in the towel and opened a packet of crisps. This is a revolution!” JF, London

Blast Plan classes
“The total loss is 12.5 inches! I don’t know what I weigh and I no longer care. I just want to feel better and look better in my clothes. So thank you for teaching me that.” SB, Surrey

Blast Plan classes
“Your daily emails are joyous and the support and encouragement are just fantastic.” JW, Devon

Blast Plan classes

How Does It Work?


1. Eat

A few days before the official start date, the Blast pack is delivered to your inbox. This contains full instructions, plus the Blast eating plan, no-faff recipe collection, food diary and a timetable of all the classes on offer. No need to be a gourmet chef, you can adapt the Blast guidelines to your own preferences.


2. Train

From the timetable (see class info) you can attend as many workouts as you like during each week. The Blast eating plan will fuel you through the workouts – this means you will get stronger and fitter while your body uses its fat for energy.


3. Flourish

Throughout the 21 days you will learn so much. Each day you will receive fresh, original emails from Annie, the Blast creator. She will lavish you with love, humour and fat-facts to help you understand what it takes to stay in shape. You can email her and the Blast team at any time or talk to them at class.


The In-Person Blast Plan


The gorgeous food, and choice of unlimited group training sessions will keep your fat down and your motivation up. Prepare, gorgeous people, for a really quite lovely experience.

This link will take you to the Blast website where you will pay for the in-person plan. The price will include any discounts operating at that time.